We elevate your online store from BigCommerce to WordPress, enhancing brand presence with ROI-focused web design solutions.

Leveraging data, we meticulously analyze successful strategies to enhance and expand your BigCommerce to WordPress web design projects, opening new avenues for business growth.

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How we Operate

Expand Your Online Store
Strengthen Customer Connections
Boost Your Sales with BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design.

Your Partner in BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design

In the competitive landscape of online retail, your website serves as a critical component of your brand and a strategic asset in your business operations. Our expertise lies in transitioning businesses from BigCommerce to WordPress, enhancing their web presence. We are committed to working closely with you, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities your brand encounters.

Crafting Seamless Transitions

Our primary goal is to achieve the flawless integration of technical expertise and strategic planning. We dedicate ourselves to fully comprehending your objectives and turning them into tangible results.

We Are Ready to Work With Your Team

Embarking on the journey from BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design is a pivotal step for your business, and we're here to ensure it's a seamless transition. Integrating into your marketing strategy or crafting a sales-centric game plan from the ground up, our specialized focus on this service area means you're leveraging deep expertise more cost-effectively than if you were to develop these capabilities internally. Given the nuanced landscape of web design transitions, our broad experience positions us to sidestep the common pitfalls of cookie-cutter strategies, offering you insights and opportunities uniquely tailored to your needs.

Elevating Your Online Presence: From BigCommerce to WordPress Excellence

In the specialized field of transitioning websites from BigCommerce to WordPress, accepting mediocrity is not in our vocabulary. We are driven by the conviction that integrating analytical insights with inventive design can achieve extraordinary results. For every project, we approach with a fresh perspective, ready to question established ideas, rely on factual data, and employ strategies that open doors to new growth possibilities.

Our method involves creating customized web design strategies that cater to your business requirements while positioning you ahead of your competitors. We possess a deep understanding of the transition process from BigCommerce to WordPress, ensuring a smooth changeover that improves your website’s functionality, look, and performance.

Choosing our services means selecting a partner who is fully accountable for their work. We provide clear reporting and maintain transparent processes throughout. With us, you receive a committed ally focused on your success. Opt for a team that is dedicated to realizing your vision, rather than settling for less.

Join us in this venture to transform your website into an effective tool that engages your audience and propels your business forward.

We firmly believe that each digital platform transition, especially from BigCommerce to WordPress, encapsulates a distinct pathway to success. By pinpointing the most effective strategies for return on investment within your business’s specific parameters, we steer you towards your next strategic milestone. This approach allows us to support businesses in crafting a well-rounded web design strategy, aimed at optimizing value while minimizing effort.

Think of us as an integral part of your team. We collaborate closely with you, providing dedicated support and guidance akin to an in-house team, yet without the added burdens of management complexities and internal politics. Our external vantage point allows for unparalleled flexibility; as your business evolves or your needs shift, we can effortlessly adjust our level of support. This adaptability ensures you’re always equipped with the optimal resources for each phase of your growth.

However, our focus extends beyond mere growth. Transitioning from BigCommerce to WordPress involves navigating potential risks that could threaten your market position. Our extensive experience in this specific area enables us to foresee these challenges and propose effective mitigation strategies, securing a path of sustained growth for your business.

The digital world is rapidly changing, with AI transforming industries faster than ever before. Amidst this, the only constants are the evolving algorithms and the changing preferences of online consumers. Our strategy is deeply rooted in understanding human behavior and the latest technological advancements. Our approach to moving from BigCommerce to WordPress is customized for each project, ensuring we go beyond the conventional, avoiding repetitive templates and strategies.

By concentrating on the specific requirements of your transition from BigCommerce to WordPress, we develop tailored solutions that not only fulfill but surpass your expectations. Our dedication to innovation, along with our proficiency in the intricacies of web design, positions us as the preferred choice for businesses aiming for a smooth shift to WordPress. Allow us to assist in unlocking new opportunities for growth by transforming your online platform into a WordPress success story.

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Ready to transform your online store with BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design?

Leveraging data, we meticulously analyze successful strategies to enhance and expand your BigCommerce to WordPress web design, opening new avenues for business growth.

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Our Focus Areas

We empower business leaders aiming for unparalleled growth & service through BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design transformations.

Owners & Founders

Tired of your BigCommerce site not performing to its full potential and struggling to find a partner who truly understands your vision for a WordPress transformation? Our expertise in migrating and designing WordPress websites ensures your online presence is not just another storefront but a powerful tool to engage and convert your audience. Join forces with a team that's as invested in your success as you are.

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CMOs & Brand Managers

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, transitioning from BigCommerce to WordPress can seem daunting. However, our team excels in integrating seamlessly with yours, bringing unparalleled expertise in web design and development to the table. Let us handle the complexities of platform migration and design, allowing you to focus on what you do best: managing and growing your brand.

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In the fiercely competitive eCommerce sector, owning your platform is crucial. Migrating from BigCommerce to WordPress with our help means taking control of your customer experience, enhancing your SEO, and customizing your site to your heart's content. This strategic move will not only increase your margins but also ensure sustainable revenue growth, setting you apart from the competition.

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Law Firms

For law firms looking to stand out, a generic BigCommerce site won't cut it. Our specialized WordPress web design services focus on creating bespoke, content-rich websites that not only attract but also retain clients. By transitioning to WordPress, we empower you to build a robust online presence that reflects your firm's expertise and professionalism, turning visitors into clients.

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In the SaaS industry, reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CaC) while increasing Lifetime Value (LTV) is paramount. Our strategic approach to migrating from BigCommerce to WordPress focuses on optimizing your online presence for these metrics. With a custom-designed WordPress site, we'll help you cut through the digital noise, attract your ideal customers, and secure long-term growth.

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For fintech companies, balancing rapid growth with maintaining compliance and professionalism is a constant challenge. Our expertise in transitioning from BigCommerce to WordPress ensures that your website not only meets but exceeds industry standards. With a focus on security, user experience, and scalability, we'll help you create a platform that delights both your compliance team and your customers, driving growth without compromise.

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Testimonials from our customers

Schmidt's logo
Tyler Blackwell


“Shaheen & Web Upon team have worked hard to increase our CPG ecommerce sales, diving deep into the data to unlock opportunities at great ROI.”

Drawbridge logo
Lori Ann Kruse


“I've worked with SEO consultants in the past and WebUpon is the first agency that I'd recommend in a heartbeat…they don't leave you with a strategy and a long to-do list. Web Upon rolls up their sleeves and worked with me as a partner to set our marketing efforts up for success.”

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Macy McGinness

Kate Farms

“His deep knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and analytics helped us create an actionable plan that we could execute against. WebUpon is focused on customers, driving long term growth, and optimizing performance.”

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Kevin Tran

Source Scrub

“Web Upon Digital Marketing team is very helpful in our SEO Marketing by understanding our company's needs, providing great insight during weekly updates, and sharing actions to help us get to where we want to be.”

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Matthew Horisk

Blue Ocean Technologies

“Our business has some of the most demanding requirements you can think of. Web Upon has come to the table and created new pathways for us that we never came close to internally.”

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Kelly Meredith


“I had the pleasure of working with the Web Upon team on SEO, lead generation, and web development. This team truly knows how to deliver value to their clients. “

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Silvia Davi

Venezia FC

Web Upon was a terrific digital partner for our website redesign, SEO and social media strategy work. Shaheen is a diligent expert; highly informative, accessible and wonderful to work with.

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Julia Rovea

Ball Janik

“Shaheen and the Web Upon team are integral to my firm's marketing! Shaheen's expertise has guided us through the website optimization exercise and helped expand our online presence.”

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Taylor Thomas


“Since partnering with Web Upon several years ago for SEO and website services, we've seen monumental organic search volume growth, as well as website traffic growth overall.”

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Leni Chen

Chigbu Law

“Web Upon has helped us to manage websites for our business for more than 3 years. They always respond fast to emergency and keep the cost as low as possible.”

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Danika Trice

Turf Factory Direct

“This team does a spectacular job. They are proactive in keeping up with maintenance of our website and quick to respond when we need to pivot fast. Would highly recommend them.”

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James Adair

PDX Homeloan

“No-nonsense, clear partners in the online marketing game. I recommend the team at Web Upon without any reservation! There are a lot of jokers in this space, but these guys get it.”

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Trash Cans Unlimited

“Super easy to work with, proven results. Excellent at getting it right and keeping it right. An invaluable part of my business. Very satisfied.”

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Camron Hamilton

VF Law

“Absolutely the best in town!”

Frequently asked questions about BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design

Customer satisfaction has always been essential to our approach. We strongly believe in taking care of our customers’ customers so that our customers will take care of us.

Web design is easy, why should I pay you?

There are many web development options out there today. If someone you know can set you up with a site, go for it. There are many wonderful tools out there like SquareSpace (greatly recommended), WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and many others that make getting a webpage easy. There are even many people that run million dollar businesses off of Facebook or Instagram pages. But if you want a best in class site that furthers sales goals while making you look good, then we’re your team.

We build sites that make it easy for your business to scale. Getting a site up isn’t a hassle these days, but getting a site together that is functional & memorable for customers is a truly rare thing. This level of artistry is what we do.

Why are you guys so cheap?

If you’ve been working with traditional vendors, big names, or anyone who’s been in the business for a long time, you may be surprised by how low our prices are. On the flip-side, we’re much cheaper than many of the professionals out there. At the end of the day web design isn’t hard. What is rarer are qualified designers that love what they do and excel at it. Hard to say, but with so many options trying to undercut you (see #1), many people just get burned out, or switch to programming full time.

Why are you guys so expensive?

We live to win. We understand that you have a budget. While we’re often willing to work with people on pricing, the fact is that we have to attract and retain a talented team. Additionally there is an opportunity cost for every deal we take. If you need a lower cost option we can point you at a few automated platforms that make creating a site very easy for new business owners.

What if I don’t get the results I’m hoping for?

We do everything we can to keep you involved in the design process. We’ll guarantee that the designs you approved are exactly what the finished site will look like. Like any other business investment new sites have risks, but in most cases we can quantify speed improvements and track market share growth. Overall no flashy site can cure a product mismatch or down market, but our sites can often improve rankings, user experience, and capture a higher percentage of the eyes you already have.

How do you report on results?

We primarily use Google Analytics to understand your site and our results as well as a variety of rank tracking tools. At the end of the day you know your yearly business numbers better than we do. We have extensive dashboards we offer all current and former clients so you can see exactly how things are going.

Work with a Team that Chases Success

Our BigCommerce to WordPress Web Design Web Design Workflow

Excellence is not an act, but a habit and we love to habitually win for our client. Our process is focused on maximizing success no matter what changes might be shaking the market at the moment. Consistency is key, and working with Web Upon means clear goals, defined execution, and quantifiable impact.


Collection of client specifications and outline of site features. SEO research on specifics of market and necessary technical work.

Deliverables: Specification and SEO Targeting Report.


Creation of wireframe models and site architecture design.

Deliverables: Wireframe and Site Architecture Report.


Creation of visual mockup, or model of key site pages as they will appear in final condition across devices.

Deliverables: Wireframe and Site Architecture Report.



We’ll implement the final site design and specifications as agreed upon in phase 3. All on-site content and assets must be delivered before we can finish development.


The team can review the final staging site as implemented from Phase 4. Web Upon will fix any cosmetic or UX issues that we may have missed, or if the staging site capabilities or design diverge from Phase 3 and Phase 2 reports. Once we have confirmation we will proceed to phase 6.


We will launch the sites, finish any final SEO or server calibration issues.

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